Automated Overhead Sanitizing Systems

SANIMATIX is a South African designed and manufactured Automated Overhead Sanitizing System

Our systems spray a designated area through a pre-programmed run cycle set to 1-20 times per day or activated manually by the push of a button.

Once the cycle is complete you may access the area within 5 min. 

Economically viable – One process of the system across an 8m x 8m room sanitization consumes approximately 150ml of sanitizer.

Time effective- The entire process takes approximately 1 min to complete dependent on the size of the area.

Low maintenance and Cost effective.

Set up to spray a room every 1-12 hours or as needed.

 Remote Controlled/Timer Operated.

On Board Tank that stores sanitizer safely.

No dampness to surfaces.

Covers 95% of surface Area.

Hazardous free.

Child Friendly.

Tamper Proof.

Uses Non-alcoholic-based sanitizer.


Sanimatix Automotive Sanitization System